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Hoegaarden, 2017

A house as design brief remains a special case: nowhere else is there such a close relationship between the inhabitant and the architect.

It took us a year of talks and meetings, sitting around a table and wondering, pondering, discussing, reflecting, with our Client, before any design was drawn, before lines had become clear in his as in our minds. It is a co-design of a special kind that requires much more than just the job work to be done. We are therefor very selective in the amount and nature of this kind of assignments when we accept them.

It is also a rare pleasure to be able to design within the design of the landscape architect, especially when this one is Christophe Spéhar. Opening plans, showing each other our designs from the past and our designs for the future, we found a soulmate in a designer for whom a landscape is architecture, as much as our architectural design is a landscape.

The result is a home to a family with very specific demands and ways of living that lays over a deeper layer of a landscape continuing inside or outside, avoiding the obvious superficials that come around the corner in that case.

Ofcourse circularity, passive design, adaptability and the personal expression of the homeowners.

  • Christophe Spéhar , landscape design
  • Jan Meijer, structural engineering

Enough talk, let’s build something together.