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DAE stands for Designers, Architects and Engineers

Our origins go back many years, when we started learning from our colleagues as junior architects in Europe and the US. All of them made us understand the value of teamwork and learning from each other. And we did.

and this is simply what we are.

Since then we have had the honour and joy of delivering our services to many institutional triple A clients as well as to private clients, learning and improving our skills and knowledge base at every project. And we have been eager to participate in several design teams, many of the projects there have been published by clients or colleagues.

It has led to stable and years long assignments with many clients, for a wide range of projects spanning from private houses to hotels, interiors, hospital wards and various specific buildings.

The academic world also noticed our expertise, since 2008 we are teaching undergraduates and master students in architecture and interior design, in the field, in our practice or in college at Antwerp University.

There are as many passions in our team as there are team members, but we all get excited over complexity. Using the best design expertise we can generate, we solve the equations of seemingly complex issues, resulting in clear, adequate and economical architectural design.

Last, but not least: we will always design for people first, for their activities and needs, but even more so for their wellbeing, for their hopes and for their dreams… they are also ours.

Enough talk, let’s build something together.